LK Bennett appoints new paid search and SEO agency

Women’s fashion retailer LK Bennett is looking to drive growth in digital sales after appointing a new online agency.

The British business will be working with London-based Threepipe to develop a paid search and SEO strategy that it hopes will raise its online profile among consumers and help increase revenue.

Under terms of the partnership, Threepipe will be supporting the retailer’s eCommerce trading channels and looking to bring more footfall to its stores and concessions.

Amy-Claire Short, digital marketing manager at LK Bennett, remarked: “We were very impressed with Threepipe’s understanding of our customers and their planning methodology which we believe will give us a competitive edge as we look to grow the business in the UK.”

Earlier this year, Threepipe launched four proprietary software solutions aimed at improving paid and organic client ad campaigns.

The suite of products consists of paid media software Heimdall, which automates elements of the reporting process, and Hermes, which the company says provides a more accurate reporting of organic search result performance.

Threepipe claims that the old way of measuring SEO and keyword ranking positions can be inaccurate, arguing that Google manipulates the position a link is shown to different users to deliver a more customised search experience. The agency notes that, unlike existing processes, its Hermes tool pulls up-to-date data for every keyword where impressions of links have been shown.

Media attribution software Valhalla and paid search and social auditing tool Arthemis are the other newly launched solutions in its tech toolkit, which LK Bennett will have access to in the months ahead.

Commenting in April, Farhad Koodoruth, co-founder of Threepipe, said: “Sometimes we find that what we want isn’t always out there and so we made the decision to invest time to build out our own products for launch in 2018.”