Lidl introduces sommelier chatbot to Facebook

Lidl has launched a Facebook Messenger chatbot to advise customers on wine choices.

Named Margot, it advises users on the best bottle to buy depending on what you are eating. By asking Margot what wine works with a certain dish, it will provide the best option.

In a test, Essential Retail asked the chatbot to recommend a wine to fit the nation’s most popular dish, chicken tikka masala. It recommended the Mezquiriz Spanish Chardonnay and the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. The chatbot said: “If you are cooking a really special dish, it pays to invest in a more special wine.”

Four options are offered via the chatbot: wine pairing, which will tell you the best bottle to buy to go with your next meal; fine wine, which can list different types of wine Lidl sells; Wine FAQs, which will answer your questions on wine more generally; and a Wine Quiz, which tests your knowledge.

Alex Murray, digital director at Lidl UK, said Lidl has built a reputation for providing fantastic quality wines at highly competitive prices for our customers, and this functionality will ensure that choosing the right wine is never a daunting process.

“We hope this service – along with the existing in-store and online information we already provide – encourages customers to discover the perfect wine from our curated range.”

In the past, chatbots have been successfully deployed by The Entertainer, and clothing retailers TK Maxx and Burberry have offered AI advice for Christmas shoppers.