Levi’s launches a voice assistant on Amazon Alexa and Google Home

Levi’s has launched a voice assistant which uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Shoppers can now simply ask their Google Home or Amazon Alexa voice device to receive answers to frequently asked questions about Levi’s, such as finding their nearest store, asking for product recommendations and tracking orders.

“As technology advances, so do consumers expectations of where and how they can interact with their favourite brands in a meaningful way,” said Marc Rosen, executive vice president and president of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC). “By adding new digital communication tools and constantly improving existing ones, we’re staying ahead of the industry and evolving the consumer experience to be more engaging and fun.”

The denim brand has also relaunched its chatbot, Ask Indigo, on Levi.com and Facebook Messenger. The update ensures the chatbot is more responsive to natural language and can now identify when a human customer service representative should step in and talk to the customer.

The news comes on the same day Amazon is expected to reveal a range of new smart devices for its Echo and Alexa brand.