Levi’s introduces new digital experiences to target back-to-school season

Levi’s has announced a range of new digital experiences in collaboration with well-known apps and tech companies, initially to target the US back-to-school season. The fashion brand explained that amid ongoing Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, it is aiming to digitally recreate the traditional practice in the US of teenagers heading to the mall with friends to put outfits together ahead of the first day of term.

Firstly, in partnership with screensharing app Squad, Levi’s will host virtual and styling fashion events between one of its stylists and groups of friend. The stylist will advise on the latest fashion trends and styling garments, as well as recommend products based on the group’s interests. This virtual experience will be available this month.

Levi’s has also developed a virtual closet experience on Snapchat in conjunction with Kohl’s. This harnesses augmented reality and portal technology to enable users to view and create different looks with a selection of women’s products. Customers can then purchase particular looks.

Finally, the retailer is teaming up with tech firm Zeekit to display how items of clothing appear on virtually rendered models, giving customers the chance to imagine what particular products will look like on their body size. This will help them purchase clothes in the right size. These virtual images will first be available on Amazon in the coming weeks, and “the overall goal is to have more diverse models, increase purchases and reduce returns”.

Levi’s commented: “Back-to-school season is shaping up to be anything but conventional this year. At a time when hardly anything is following tradition, we’ve adjusted our traditional back-to-school approach. The Levi’s brand has teamed up with key partners to engage with students through new platforms.”

A number of fashion retailers have introduced new digital experiences in recent months due Covid-19 store closures. This includes ASOS, which ramped up the use of Zeekit’s augmented reality technology to provide customers with a realistic view of up to 500 clothing items per week on six real-life models.

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