Kroger introduces QR-code payment app

Kroger has revealed a mobile payment app which allows customers to pay for their groceries and collect reward points by scanning a QR-code.

Similar to Tesco’s Pay+ solution, Kroger Pay uses a PIN, fingerprint or facial recognition to surface a single-use QR code which is connected to the customer’s payment and loyalty cards.

The US grocer said the single-step solution reduces check-out time and creates “a more frictionless experience for both store associates and customers”.

Kroger Pay is currently being used in the retailer's Columbus, Ohio division, with plans to roll out to another 10 markets in the spring and nationwide later this year.

"Kroger is redefining the customer experience by creating innovative ways to pay at our stores and online," said Gary Millerchip, CEO of Kroger Personal Finance and corporate strategy integration lead.

Mary Ellen Adcock, group vice president of operations at Kroger, added: "Kroger Pay is one of the few mobile wallets that pairs loyalty and payment. The application of this exciting technology is another step in our front-end experience transformation."

US retailers have been slower to adopt innovative mobile payment methods, compared to the UK and European markets. Only in the last year has there been wide adoption of chip-and-PIN, while contactless payments are still not as widespread. This has prevented mobile wallet services like Apple Pay and Google Pay to be adopted as fast as in European countries, with Kroger being one retailer holding off on allowing third-party NFC payments.