JD.com introduces fleet of hydrogen delivery trucks

JD.com has put dozens of hydrogen energy delivery trucks onto the roads of Shanghai as an alternative to vehicles running on carbon-based fuel.

The hydrogen energy vehicles can travel for 300km per tank while transporting up to 3.5 tonnes. The trucks take only three minutes to refill and its emissions consist only of purified water.

The trucks will be used for last-mile fulfilment and are part of JD.com’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly. Earlier in June, the Chinese mega-retailer rolled out 50 solar-powered delivery vehicles in Beijing.

“The strength of JD sustainable initiatives shows that a green approach to logistics is beneficial for the environment, and much more. By investing in these technologies and encouraging partners to do the same, JD hopes to promote green logistics across industries,” said Hui Wang, vice president of JD.com, head of the delivery department at JD Logistics.

“These first forays into the world of renewable energy are the beginning of what will be a complete overhaul of the way we deliver goods to JD’s customers across the country on a daily basis. It’s a very exciting time.”

As part of its sustainability efforts, JD.com has improved its solar tricycles, which can now travel 50% further on one charge, with a fully-charged tricycle now capable of covering 45km.

The company is also involved in programmes with partners including Lego and Nestle to create greener packaging in its warehouses. It has a goal of reducing the number of boxes used throughout the supply chain by 10 billion by 2020.