JD.com deploys AR beauty mirror into bricks & mortar

JD.com has developed an augmented reality beauty mirror which will soon launch in Chinese cosmetics brand Carslan’s stores, as well as Walmart.

The beauty mirror uses JD.com’s existing AR Styling Station technology, which is an AR mobile app which allows customers to virtually try on beauty products.

The same AR technology will now be available in stores to help shoppers choose products, without having to physically try testers in a store. By using AR instead of the physical testers available, shoppers will no longer be concerned about hygiene and leaving a store wearing make-up they have been testing out in store. The technology also allows shoppers to try on as many shades as they like, without removing make-up in-between each application.

The Styling Station technology has already been used by 60 brands on JD.com and the retailer also offers a 3D fitting room technology for fashion retailers, which sees shoppers creating a personal avatar before virtually trying on clothes.

JD.com has created AR marketing campaigns for brands including L’Oreal, Maybelline, Max Factor, Budweiser, Tsingtao Beer and TWE.

The Chinese eCommerce giant is also experimenting with AR glasses to create shopping guides integrating online data from JD to provide personalised experiences in physical stores. The company is currently exploring this technology as well as AR and MR (mixed reality) shopping experiences with Lenovo, leveraging the company’s hardware to enrich the shopping experience.