Ikea takes a closer look at its online customers

In a further move to bolster its digital proposition, furniture retailer Ikea is embarking on a new customer insights project alongside ContentSquare.

The aim of the new vendor partnership is to give Ikea’s various teams a better understanding of online user behaviour, something it acknowledged had proved challenging using its traditional analytics toolset. 

Ikea's content, sales, user experience (UX), and customer teams all needed different insights on visitor behaviour, with the information sought ranging from identifying visitor frustration to measuring conversion – so it made its move to work with ContentSquare.

The new software gives Ikea an opportunity to instantly see customer journeys on their site, across any date range – and it breaks details down by device and segment, and other metrics. Close to real-time views of the retailer’s web performance can be analysed.

Jason Black, web communications manager at Ikea, commented: “The benefits of using ContentSquare’s visual insight solution is that, without spending a lot of time or having a lot of training, we can easily access insights and results far more quickly than we’d been able to before.”

He added that, as well as being used by the retailer’s content, UX and analytics teams, the tool also helps the merchandising, product and mobile teams with their everyday jobs.

Black also said understanding return on investment on content creation is a common challenge for eCommerce brands.

One result from using the new tool is that Ikea identified several customers tried to click through on certain images that were not clickable. Small changes to those un-clickable images were then made.

Ikea announced full-year results last week, with the company reporting sales of £1.97 billion – an increase of 5.9% year on year. Over the course of the year, the retailer has made several changes to its digital offering and fulfilment practices, with online sales now representing 15.5% of total sales.