Hype introduces Veeloop’s parent authentication payment tech

Fashion and accessories brand Hype has added Veeloop’s payment technology to its online checkout. The payment authentication allows young shoppers to purchase products by sending the authorisation to their parents.

At the Hype checkout, teenagers will now see an option to send their baskets to their parents via Veeloop. Parents can then use the online solution to approve the products, editing if necessary, before paying for the purchases and organising delivery. The technology claims it helps to protect data of under-18s while keeping parents informed of their purchases.

With the 12-16 year-old demographic core to Hype’s market audience, Veeloop’s technology helps to create a fluid transaction for under-18s as the authentication is all done online.

 “We want people to express themselves through our clothing, and there should be no limits to that. Our customers will love this feature,” said Liam Green, co-founder and creative director of Hype.

Randa Bennett, founder of Veeloop, added: “Veeloop is all about giving independence but staying safe at the same time.”

Veeloop is also available as a Shopify app, meaning retailers already on that platform can download the solution for use on their own websites.

If a teen selects a number of items from different online stores, the parents can use their Veeloop account to approve and pay for the products in a single transaction. Veeloop charges retailers a 5% handling fee on every transaction.

Other retailers who have deployed Veeloop’s technology include Feelunique and Prima Makeup.

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