H&M Times Square operates voice-tech-enabled interactive mirror

Fast fashion chain H&M is combining interactive mirrors, voice technology and QR codes in its New York Times Square store.

The new feature, which has been in place for the last month, enables customers to speak their demands to a screen and get their picture taken in the form of a magazine cover before a QR code scan gives them access to the image on their smartphones.

Shoppers using the service are then encouraged to share the image on their social networks and are offered money off their next purchase for engaging with the technology in store.

The interactive mirror has been brought to life exclusively for H&M by Microsoft, Ombori and Visual Art.

A further feature of the system is ‘Fashion Inspiration’, whereby the mirror provides outfit suggestions which the customer can choose to buy right away through the H&M website. This type of merging of digital and physical assets is a key goal for many retailers looking to blur the boundaries between their individual sales channels.

Securing the discount in this way also leads shoppers to sign up for H&M’s newsletter, in what is an example of the retailer trying to build longer lasting relationships with its customers. Speaking in the initial days after launch, Visual Art said 86% of all the selfie takers also scanned the QR code.

Meanwhile, 10% of all the scanned QR codes were reportedly turned into newsletter subscribers. A few weeks down the line, it is likely these figures will have changed, but the early results were deemed encouraging.

Sweden-headquartered Visual Art has been building momentum in Scandinavia, already securing digital signage technology partnerships with the likes of Avion shopping mall in Umeå, the retailer Kicks in Gothenburg, Malmo and Oslo, and Kronen Shopping Centre in Denmark.