Heal's eyes more conversions with new eCommerce tech

UK furniture retailer Heal’s has added to its eCommerce technology toolkit, using solutions from BounceX to aid online customer conversions.

The retailer said the software, which enables it to identify where its customers are on their purchase journey whatever device they are using to access the Heal's website, has helped it create highly targeted and personalised messaging to its customers to push through sales that might otherwise have not occurred.

As is the case with many high-end brands, Heal's customers often visit the website and store on multiple occasions before buying products. As the items tend to be such considered purchases, Heal’s wanted to make sure it was doing all it could to move potential shoppers into actual sales.

The bulk of the retailer’s advertising spend is on targeting consumers with intent via adwords, and the new software implementation has enabled the business to gain a better picture of who these potential customers are, and re-market to them accordingly. The results so far appear positive.

David Kohn, customer & eCommerce director at Heal’s, noted: “With this partnership, we’re able to deliver relevant, motivating messages to prospects wherever they are in the sales journey, and the continuity of messaging across devices and sessions means they get a consistent experience.”

He added that the BounceX retail technology can link up different device journeys and identify customers across all devices they are using to interact with the Heal's brand.

“With that, they can identify how many visits a shopper has made to the site, which channel they came from and how they’re behaving onsite. This gives a greater idea of where the customer is in the journey.”

In recent years, Heal’s has shown a propensity to invest in and trial new technologies that break down the divide between in-store and online shopping. It was one of the first retailers to trial GoInStore’s solution which connected web shoppers to store associates via smart glasses, enabling staff to give online customers a real-time view of products.

More recently, it has been working with Hero – a company that includes Harvey Nichols and Levi’s as customers. This technology enables online shoppers to trigger a conversation with store staff if they need more advice about a product or want to ask specific questions that only an associate can answer – it effectively replaces anonymous online live chat with a real store employee, who then has a chance to build a relationship with said customer.