Graze CEO explains new branding strategy

Tech-led snack subscription service Graze is continuing to push its message of healthy eating, supported by new branding.

New packaging was released in May, but the company said today that it aims to challenge the negative perceptions around snacking and drive additional healthier products to market as part of a wider branding strategy.

The rebrand covers all Graze channels – its core direct-to-consumer service, its retail offering and eCommerce. Graze has teamed up with creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie to help define and develop its new look, and it uses feedback from its own customers to shape its messaging.

Antony Fletcher, Graze CEO, said: “We are dedicated to achieving our mission of challenging the negative perceptions around snacking and want our customers to grow with us as we help them reimagine the way they snack.”

Fletcher explained the company’s tech approach and its use of data in Essential Retail at the turn of the year. In the comment piece, he explained the importance of packaging and messaging on products in driving sales, using real-life examples from his business.

“Given Graze’s online business model is based around an iterative approach to data, it is able to reposition existing products rapidly,” he noted.

“Teamed with its heavily tech enabled factory, the business can launch a new product from concept to shelves within 48 hours. After changing the name and imagery on the British BBQ punnet to reposition it as an Italian Focaccia snack, pre-receipt ratings jumped by close to 100%.”

Fletcher added: “Such data-driven exercises illustrate just how sensitive product appeal is to the imagery and naming nuances on packaging – small changes or tweaks can transform appeal.

“The chances of picking the optimum positioning for a new product on the first attempt can be challenging and explains why Graze believes so much new product development fails within its first year on shelves.”

Graze was founded as a subscription service in 2007, launched into UK retail in 2015, and is now stocked in retailers such as Waitrose, WHSmith and Sainsbury’s, as well as thousands of stores across the US.

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