#Shoptalk18: Glossier on redefining CX

Glossier’s co-founder and CEO, Emily Weiss, took to the keynote stage at Shoptalk 2018 to explain how her eCommerce site is redefining customer experience.

Speaking on the third day of the conference in Las Vegas, she detailed Glossier’s refreshing approach to creating valuable customer experience.

Over the last year or so, the term ‘customer experience’ has become one of the latest retail technology buzzwords to plague the retail industry.

“What does customer experience mean, beyond the customer service people have come to expect?” asked Weiss.

Peer-to-peer eCommerce

She explained how Glossier launched three-and-a-half-years-ago to give beauty customers a voice.

“Beauty brands were not listening to customers – these women didn’t feel qualified to talk about the products they had been using for years and [the industry] made customers feel like constant beginners and no one likes feeling in the dark about a product they buy, or feel like they are being talked down to.”

Enter Glossier, a peer-to-peer eCommerce platform designed to encourage connections between shoppers which naturally lead to product recommendations.

“When was the last time you actually enjoyed purchasing something? Or you were excited to visit a website?” asked Weiss. “But how about the last time you connected with someone? No doubt this is a fonder memory.”

“When was the last time you actually enjoyed purchasing something? Or you were excited to visit a website?”

Weiss described how a customer may connect with another shopper on Glossier who has similar skin concerns. She said you may spend ten minutes talking to that other person, who then connects you with someone else that lives in your city, who can recommend local beauty treatments

“Maybe you don’t leave with any products, but you do leave with a connection. This is a crazy proposition for traditional retailers - to spend more time on the site and purchase fewer products. But we believe in building the connectivity with people.” 

She added: “We’re obsessed about our customers, we’d be crazy not to be."

Glossier recently closed a funding round which resulted in $52 million investment to drive forward its new approach to customer experience. Towards the end of 2017, the brand launched in the UK, with products starting at £10 and free delivery over £25.