Glossier London not popping off anytime soon

US beauty brand Glossier has announced its London pop-up store will remain open until the end of the year, calling it the company’s “most successful temporary retail experience of all time”.

The space in Floral Street, Covent Garden, opened on 20 November 2019, and was due to close on 9 February 2020. However, the business, which is famous for its narrow but sought-after range of beauty and make-up products, said on Thursday afternoon that it is extending its time in the English capital.

Digital-first Glossier has two permanent stores in New York and Los Angeles, with the former welcoming up to 2,000 people per day, and boasting an average of 50,000 people per month. That is the brand’s flagship, but in terms of pop-up experiences, London has overtaken Glossier’s temporary spaces in Miami, Seattle, Boston and Austin – all of which were opened in 2019.

Although no exact figures have been shared, Glossier London has had the highest average daily sales of any of the brand’s pop-ups, ever. It has also had the most visits, with more than 100,000 people heading through its doors in just over two months.

The store showcases the whole Glossier range, allows visitors to try out the products, and they can purchase any of the items with the help of the brand’s ‘offline editors’, who use handheld tablet devices to process orders. The space has a distinctive English townhouse, traditional social club feel, with each room decorated with vibrant floral patterns.

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