G-Star merges in-store and online through Apple’s App Clips

Fashion retailer G-Star has introduced Apple’s App Clip technology in its stores as part of efforts to merge the online and physical shopping worlds.

Via the Highstreet Mobile mobile shopping app platform, customers can instantly bring up information about any products in a G-Star shop by scanning a QR code or tap an information tag on shop-window or in-store mannequins. This includes price, colours, and sizes available both in the store and online, while items can be directly ordered online and a mobile payment made via Apple Pay. App Clips gives access to part of the G-Star app without customers needing to download the full app.

The store can essentially serve as a showroom for customers, while getting an online shopping experience at the same time.

The initiative is also designed to enable customers to shop more safely amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic by reducing the need for direct contact with shop assistants and other customers.

Klaas Buist, digital director operations at G-Star commented: “The G-Star RAW app is very popular as it offers, among other things, look books and inspiration. Our brand stores in turn yield other advantages: consumers can touch and try on clothes here, with personal advice from our stylists. With Apple’s new App Clips, we connect the best of both of these worlds.

“As the digital product information from the App Clips is available in physical stores, consumers can easily see what a garment looks like when worn by a model. They can then try the item on themselves in store or purchase it online, in any size or colour. In this way, we gain the full potential from our omnichannel strategy.”

This follows a number of recent moves by fashion brands to expand their digital offerings with physical interactions severely curtailed by the pandemic. This includes the announcement by Burberry that it will livestream its Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show and Levi’s bringing in virtual experiences to replicate the traditional practice of teenagers heading to the mall with friends to put outfits together ahead of the first day of term.