Future-proof store format for Napapijri

Fashion brand Napapijri has launched a 'future-proof' store format with its first store in the Dubai Mall in the UAE. The store has been designed by UK design agency Dalziel & Pow.

Napapijri describes itself as 'An Italian brand, with a sort-of-Finnish name, and a Norwegian flag as its logo,' and says that its target market is 'Future Makers'. These it defines as people who set out to make a difference to the future of the planet. The brand is seeking to establish its stores as physical spaces for these like-minded people to congregate, including an open, multi-purpose space in the centre of the unit that can be used for exhibitions or meetings, or just as a social space to relax.

The store design seeks to reflect what the brand sees as an elemental tension in the current state of the world, by combining elements of old and new, urban and natural, artisanal and technical, and sustainable and disposable. The interior mixes raw finishes with polished surfaces, and man-made materials with natural elements.

A flexible concept allows elements to be added or removed as required. A grid installed in the ceiling allows various fixtures – such as LED screens, lightboxes or projected images – to be altered and moved, freshening the space with little effort.

Collections are displayed around the perimeter of the room in a gallery-like display, with open stock rooms used to anchor the space. In the Dubai store the window features a large sculpture by a local artist.

Napapijri is to roll the new concept out to stores worldwide.