Five Guys dives into data analytics for business growth

Five Guys has been able to deep-dive into its operational data to help grow the business and improve customer experience.

After partnering with Looker a year ago, the burger chain finally has insights into data from across the business, including sales, operations, business planning and warehouse management.

Before integrating the new solution, gaining data insights was a laborious process which ended in an Excel spreadsheet. Now head office staff in the UK, Spain, France and Germany, as well as district and general store managers, can log onto the SaaS-based platform and compare data such as sales statistics from last year to predict footfall. This information can be used to plan for the amount of staff and food which is likely to be needed for the forthcoming week.

“We needed a platform that could transform our culture around data – taking it from a ‘nice to have’ to an essential component of our business model,” said Fareldia Jefferies, integration and data warehouse manager at Five Guys.

“Looker has enabled us to do just that, giving everyone access to real-time, live data and insights. Based on that knowledge, we’ve improved warehouse efficiency, reduced waste and cut queue-times – all underpinning an improved customer experience.”

Jefferies also explained how the tool can also be used for longer-term sustainability planning. For instance, if a new law is passed which requires a business to reduce its amount of plastic, the platform can be used to assess the cost of new goods and look at what plastic stock is already owned within the business and how long before these products are likely to be depleted before a legislated switchover.