Feelunique rolls out payment authentication for parents

Feelunique has rolled out a new payment solution to help parents purchase the right products for their children.

At the Feelunique checkout, teenagers will now see an option to send their baskets to their parents via Veeloop. Parents can then use the online solution to approve the products, editing if necessary, before paying for the purchases and organising delivery.

With the recent introduction of GDPR, Feelunique felt that Veeloop provided a good way to involve parents in online shopping decisions and deployed the online payment solution at the end of last week.

“We are excited to be an early partner of Veeloop and hope that many other retailers come on board with their innovative solution for young shoppers,” said Jim Buckle, COO at Feelunique. “We know that many of our site visitors are younger teenagers and Veeloop is a great way to engage with these shoppers in a responsible way, without ever holding their personal data.”

He added: “We are seeing many new innovations in online payments at the moment and we have some further developments in the pipeline for our customers.”

The Veeloop solution is aimed at children and teenagers in the 10-15 age bracket, with Feelunique expecting its target audience to be 13-15 year olds.

Veeloop is also available as a Shopify app, meaning retailers already on that platform can download the solution for use on their own websites.

If a teen selects a number of items from different online stores, the parents can use their Veeloop account to approve and pay for the products in a single transaction. Veeloop charges retailers a 5% handling fee on every transaction.

Veeloop is currently working on a feature called V-Allowance which enables parents to give their child money digitally. Teens can then buy without the approval step, while parents retain visibility of purchases.

The technology comes at a time of great disruption in the payments industry, with solutions like Klarna allowing retail shoppers to pay for their products after they receive them. Additionally, Amazon has launched a parent approval system in the US called Amazon Teen.