Feelunique using new tech to enhance product ingredient transparency

Online beauty retailer Feelunique is using new technology to improve product ingredient transparency.

The e-tailer has announced a partnership with EVRELAB, which describes itself as Europe’s first “transparency technology platform in skincare and cosmetics ingredients”, to ensure consumers visiting its site can gain in-depth product ingredient information.

Dubbed ‘Beauty Decoded by Feelunique’, the initiative involves the integration of EVRELAB’s platform into Feelunique.com which means customers can hover over a particular ingredient on product pages and receive a plain English explanation of the ingredient type as well as a scientific summary.

A “Powered by EVRELAB” box-out appears when customer click on the product ingredients. Click here to see an example of the technology in use for an Emma Hardie item listed on Feelunique's site.

Feelunique said it recognises there has been a shift in consumer expectations towards transparency, utility and choice, also wrapped up in a desire to find the most sustainable products. It claims the new online service will break down the complexity of beauty ingredients “in a simplified and digestible way”.

Working with EVRELAB, Feelunique has pledged to decode 5,325 ingredients in total – and by early 2020 full data for all of our product listings is expected. 

The Beauty Decoded area of the website will include a full ingredients glossary, as well as definitions of what brands mean when they describe products as natural, clean, certified organic or fair trade.
Jennifer Roebuck, chief marketing officer at Feelunique, commented: “Transparency is one of our core brand ideals, a natural extension of that is to provide helpful information in relation to ingredients and their benefits.

“Brands like The Ordinary pioneered the ingredient movement – consumers look for ingredients first in many cases when they start their beauty shopping journey. Our vision to provide a knowledge driven digital shopping experience starts with transparency and we will build on this over time as we learn more about what matters to our customers."

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