Eco footwear brand Allbirds to open first UK store

Sustainable luxury footwear brand Allbirds is to open its first UK store later this month. It has secured site on Long Acre in London’s Covent Garden, owned by The Mercers’ Company.

The brand will sell its ranges of eco-friendly sneakers and casual shoes from the 149 sq m (1,600 sq ft) store, which is being designed by an in-house team working with XYZ.

Founded in 2016, Allbirds sold more than a million Wool shoes in less than two years. It has permanent stores in New York and San Francisco, and recently hosted a pop-up branch in Toronto.

“Because we develop products that are tactile in nature, it’s important to give customers a space to interact with our shoes. After witnessing the reaction to that first try-on moment, we understand the value in getting our products into the hands of curious shoppers so they can experience the comfort and design for themselves. This isn’t necessarily true for every company or industry, but we believe it is important for us,” says Allbirds in a statement.

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