Dollar Shave Club launches Old Street pop-up

Dollar Shave Club has announced a pop-up in London’s Old Street in a bid to introduce UK consumers to its online subscription business.

The pop-up will be open for three days, offering free shaves to drop-in customers between 25-27 January 2018. The trendy Old Street location was secured through pop-up property specialist, Appear Here.

The US start-up was set up back in 2011, posting razors out to customers on a monthly basis. The start-up grew to take 20% of the razor market by volume and 10% of the segment’s dollar share.

Dollar Shave Club made headlines in mid-2016 when the subscription start-up was bought by Unilever for a whopping $1 billion.

Essential Retail recently revealed the start-up would launch in Europe this year and the e-tailer's UK website went live to co-incide with the Old Street pop-up.

Dollar Shave Club is one of the biggest companies to have started life as a subscription business. Speaking at Shoptalk last October, CEO and founder, Michael Dubin, said the brand has purposefully stayed away from selling its products at mass retail.

“Having that direct relationship with the customer is really important,” he said. “If you evolve a digital product platform you can get a lot more information about your customers, if you sell at retail it’s really tricky to do that.”

At the time, Dubin hinted at a launch of a Dollar Shave Club standalone store, but he said it was too early to share any details. After the pop-up ends this weekend, the company will continue to sell online and through its subscription service, with a UK launch date yet to be announced. 

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