Digital signage and AV help Levi's feel at home in Times Square

Details behind the technology helping light up Levi’s flagship store in New York’s Times Square have been revealed.

The shop, which opened at the end of 2018, and is viewed by the denim brand as a test bed for a range of new technologies it plans to introduce to its wider store estate, includes a range of digital signage and audio-visual (AV) deployments.

Long term digital signage partner, Reflect, used D3 LED panels and Brightsign media players to help create the visual experience Levi’s wanted to help keep attracting customers through the door of the circa 17,000 sq ft store.

It is the largest Levi’s flagship store in the world, and the idea was to use technology throughout the store – from the shopfront and across the multiple-level retail site. The store has three LED panels in key areas: a 41 ft curved panel on the street level near the store entrance; one panel wrapped around the escalator; and an 82 ft-wide U-shaped panel around the downstairs grand hall.

Reflect also oversaw the digital design and integration of the San Francisco Levi’s store. Brandie Perkins, senior account manager at the company, explained how the technology suppliers collaborated to bring the digital signage implementation to life in New York.

“We were able to drive content for the entire store with just two players – a true testament to the robust capabilities of Brightsign hardware,” she said.

George Pappas, CEO at D3 LED, added: “Levi’s flagship store in Times Square is an impressive demonstration of the near-limitless scale, shape and orientation possibilities with our LED displays.

“Installations like these showcase how LED displays with eye-catching imagery draw in visitors, create the desired mood and support the brand simultaneously.”

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