Design showcase: Rose Poudre salon in Abu Dhabi

Rose Poudre, in Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi, was conceived as a refined salon for women in a project that evolved from a hair styling bar to a full service offer.

H2R Design, which has offices in London and Dubai, developed the format to ‘redefine conventional female accents’ by featuring industrial styles and robust materials. The agency was briefed to create a refuge for women from the busy mall environment, which would act as an oasis of self-care and pampering. Elegance, warmth and simplicity became key guiding objectives for the design.

The exterior features frosted glass to ensure privacy, with the layout inside featuring sheer curtains to provide further private spaces for each customer.

The interior features bold tones with strong metal accents, softened with a rose gold finish, in a light and inviting space. Textured light pink concrete is used for the floor and walls. The materials palette also features Salome marble, dark Zebrano wood, and acrylic light panels.

Comfort was given the highest priority in the choice of furniture. Deep royal blue fabrics and plush leathers were chosen for the loose and fitted furniture, to counter the warm tones used elsewhere.

Lighting levels vary in different areas of the space; warm levels seek to be more appealing than typical, bright, salon lighting while retail and hair styling areas are more brightly lit to show the true colours of hair products.

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