Design showcase: New store concept for POLO Motorrad

POLO Motorrad, a German distributor of motorcycle clothing and accessories, has launched a new store design in time for the increase in biking during the spring and summer months.

Retail design group Schwitzke has worked on the project, which encompasses rebranding as well as the design and implementation of a new store concept. A pilot process has seen three stores – in Essen, Mannheim and Wiesbaden – refurbished, including the application of the new brand identity.

The sites range between 400 sq m (4,305 sq ft) and 700 sq m (7,535 sq ft) in size. Schwitzke describes the new stores as having an emotional concept with a hangout character.

POLO is a multichannel retailer, and is seeking to develop a holistic brand experience. Previous stores had a functional character that no longer reflects its strategy. The brief for the new format called for the brand to be perceived as a personal consultant with high levels of expertise.

The resulting store is based on two core elements of the biking scene: experiences that unite the community, and shared meeting places. Customers are encouraged to use the stores as a hangout space where they can exchange ideas and pursue common interests. A ‘fan area’ is a core element of the stores, giving a space for gatherings and events.

“What customers love on top of POLO's extensive range of products is the expertise of the in-store consultants. They carry the store and the new design offers them a real stage and platform”, says Tina Jokisch, managing director at Schwitzke & Partner and responsible for the store design.

Product ranges and displays have been restructured to optimise customer engagement, with joint presentation of clothing, accessories and gear. Five segments – Touring, Racing, Technology, Ladies, and Lifetyle – are used to appeal to different customer groups.

The store layout is based on a racetrack or touring route, with departments branching off it. White guidelines on the floor and a red ceiling band mark the route and guide customers through the space. Each department features its own material palette and graphic language on walls, product displays and highlight towers. Each department has a different logo, developed by Schwitzke Graphics.

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