Design showcase: New Selected store concept for Bestseller Fashion Group China

Bestseller Fashion Group China, which runs more than 7,000 stores in over 500 cities, has launched a new store format for its SELECTED brand.

The ‘Future You’ format, developed for the retailer by Dalziel & Pow, has been launched in a series of store in Beijing. It has been designed to appeal to fashion-conscious, tech-savvy, hardworking consumers.

The premium brand has been positioned to raise its profile as the destination for on-trend quality workwear, building the idea of an aspirational lifestyle around the brand.

Technology has been integrated seamlessly into the store to create a dynamic and hyper-connected experience for China’s digital native shoppers. Projections, kinetic signage, a live social media feed behind the cash desk, and ‘magic mirrors’ in the fitting rooms, mean that technology is never far away.

Pocket-sized screens – called ‘debriefs’ - are attached to the perimeter wall around the store, showing bite-sized snippets of product information or fashion inspiration, meeting a customer demand for knowledge and transparency.

The store is intended to be viewed as one fluid space intended for all people, and not divided by gender. Chinese couples often shop together, so the intention is to create a natural flow between product categories. A single product rail flows through the whole store to symbolically unify the space.

A series of visual merchandising platforms have been created as bold shapes, to create standout. ‘Lifestyle edit’ and ‘step-ahead’ features allow the curation of different looks to inspire shoppers. The fitting rooms have also been given unique shapes to create an architectural feature.

A dedicated tailoring section is distinguished by a colour palette of terracotta and cork, while the rest of the store features a tonal palette of deep green shades and textured accents. Separate shop-in-shop areas for chinos and denim are enhanced by miniature screens that provide details on fit types and fabric qualities.

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