Design showcase: New look for Samsung's shop -in-shop units at Dixons in Greece

Samsung Greece has a new-look shop-in-shop space for its units at Dixons Megastore outlets in the country.

Stirixis Group was appointed to design the space, based on Samsung’s vision for 2020, to ‘Inspire the World, Create the Future.’ Its brief called for that met the client's commitment to creating a world full of richer digital experiences.

The format takes a subtle approach, letting the available products take a dominant role while offering a unique ‘Samsung’ experience via a simulated home of the future environment.

The area is divided into zones that allow customers to try out the latest products. Mobile phones, tablets, and accessories are in the Mobile Zone, televisions are in the Living Room, a Gaming Zone shows other entertainment options and the Kitchen Zone has other new household devices. There is also a Fitness area, offering a 4D VR Experience.

Curved lines on the floor encourage shoppers to flow between departments. Bespoke displays and furniture have been used to fit in with Samsung brand values.