Debenhams launches new mobile website

Debenhams has launched a new mobile website for its UK customers using a Google-backed technology called the Progressive Web App (PWA).

Debenhams claims its new mobile website allows customers to browse twice as fast as before because it combines the streamlined experience from a mobile app with the “broad reach” of mobile web.

The new website went live in early October after less than four months of development and was delivered by SapientRazorfish and Mobify.

“We have seen unprecedented growth in mobile in the last two years. Research shows that 50% of UK online retail sales are now made through mobile devices (smartphones and tablets),” said Ross Clemmow, managing director retail, digital, food and events at Debenhams. “We know customers get frustrated by a slow site, even more so on mobile, with as many as 70% admitting they would leave a site if it loaded slowly.”

Clemmow added: “The new site will transform our customer’s experience of shopping with Debenhams on their mobiles. We now have technology that not only delivers a better, faster experience but allows us to keep pace with shoppers expectations’ whilst on the move.”