Cyber Monday discounts higher than Black Friday, suggests research

The volume of discounts available on Cyber Monday 2018 was 4% higher than on Black Friday, according to data from

The discount aggregator tracked and compared the prices from over 950 retailers and six million products to find that for the first time this year’s Cyber Monday shopping event had more available discounts than Black Friday. Both in 2016 and 2017, LovetheSales reported a slight decrease in discounts on Cyber Monday compared to Black Friday.

Meanwhile, store footfall has reportedly dropped year on year, while online sales have spiked.

"In response to poor footfall in stores over the weekend, retailers have more discounts available today than on Black Friday itself,” said Stuart McClure, Founder of “We've never seen this happen before, so it demonstrates that retailers are pretty shaken up."

While more consumers are shopping online, research from Monetate claimed 10.4% more UK customers are abandoning their eCommerce purchases year-on-year, and overall conversion rates were down 10.3% over the same period. The research suggested while consumers are still spending on Black Friday they are researching more and holding out for a better bargain elsewhere.

Stats from Doddle, on the other hand, said parcel volumes have increased 115% year-on-year. Parcel volumes began to peak the Monday before Black Friday suggesting the shopping event is now at least a week-long frenzy.