Covid-19: Retailers to benefit from Ocean Outdoor’s digital advertising offer

Retailers have been offered advertising space across Ocean Outdoor’s digital screens in 12 major UK cities to help stimulate SME businesses during the Covid-19 crisis.

Ocean has launched a fund with a media value of £10 million to cover multiple advertising campaigns for SMEs across Ocean’s roadside and city networks, with the money distributed in conjunction with local authorities. The cities in which Ocean operates and where retailers have the opportunity to apply for the fund are Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, London, Bristol and Southampton.

Although movement in the UK has been heavily restricted as a result of the government’s recent lockdown measures, there is still a large outdoor audience that can be targeted by retailers. This includes one in three people who are unable to work from home and 67% of people who are still going out in accordance with social distancing rules, such as to buy essential supplies. Additionally, an average of 51% of roadside audiences remain in play according to data from TomTom.

Ocean Outdoor UK joint managing directors Phil Hall and Steve George commented: “Brands, retailers and SMEs need to continue to market themselves, so our message is do not go dark. Previous crises have seen a reasonably rapid return to ‘normality’ for strong brands - and research from Kantar shows that stronger brands recover nine times faster.”

To be eligible for the offer, retailers must have been affected by the coronavirus and either be open for business or able to trade in the short term. Businesses will be responsible for the design and layout of their digital campaigns, which will be rolled out according to availability between April and June.

Hall and George added: “If we can leverage our network to help keep businesses and local economies going, or kick-start them even, then that can only be a good thing.”

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