Covid-19: PayPoint and Deliveroo tie-up enables corner shop home deliveries

Independent retailers who use PayPoint’s in-store payment technology can now be fast-tracked to have their store feature on Deliveroo’s food delivery platform.

Following a partnership between PayPoint and Deliveroo, up to 16,000 convenience stores across the UK can now apply to have their products available to Deliveroo customers.

In a bid to keep the nation at home, Deliveroo is fast-tracking the onboarding process for PayPoint retailers, allowing consumers to shop for basics including bread, milk, eggs and pasta without leaving the house. Customers will place orders through the Deliveroo app and its network of riders will deliver orders, contact-free, in as little as 30 minutes.

The roll-out will be phased, but could enable up to 16,000 PayPoint retailers across the UK to modernise their convenience offering.

“We are delighted that this partnership will benefit not only those who need their household essentials on-demand, but also the incredibly hard-working independent retailers who are playing such a vital role to the communities they serve,” said Lewis Alcraft, chief commercial officer at PayPoint.

A number of retailers have already established partnerships with Deliveroo – including McColl's, M&S and Morrisons – as the struggle to meet the surge in demand for home deliveries continues. 

“Barring a few exceptions... most supermarkets do not have the operational capabilities to compete with Deliveroo's delivery time offer of c.30 minutes; and given the waiting times for traditional home delivery orders (currently two to three weeks at most grocers), the concept of a rapid delivery of essential products will be enticing for a heightened proportion of shoppers,” said GlobalData retail analyst Thomas Brereton, earlier this week.

Brereton cautioned retailers against entering into such relationships without clear boundaries. “As consumers are told not to panic buy, it is also important for retailers not to panic partner. There has been no indication about the length of these collaborations, so retailers must be wary of ceding too much power to third-party operatives – and could explain why major players – notably, Tesco and Sainsbury’s – are developing in-house alternatives instead,” he added.

PayPoint retailers interested in the scheme can contact the sales team on 0330 400 0003 or visit