Covid-19: eBay and Royal Mail provide eCommerce guidance

eBay has partnered with the Royal Mail and the Post Office to advise SME retailers on trading online effectively during the Covid-19 crisis. The trio have published ‘10 Coronavirus trading tips for small businesses selling online for the first time’, compiled from customer’s most asked questions and their experience of helping businesses sell online.

With non-essential high street stores forced to close due to Covid-19 lockdown measures, a number of small retailers have been using eCommerce channels, such as eBay, for the very first time to allow them to continue trading during the crisis. In addition to retailers, many suppliers are also using online channels to offer their goods as the lockdown continues in the UK.

The tips focus on ensuring SME's provide an efficient delivery service to customers. They include: checking whether there are any restrictions which may mean that items you want to sell can’t be sent by post; calculate the postage price based on the weight and size of your items via the Post Office website and the Royal Mail app; and consolidate your visits into a Post Office to make as few trips as possible.

Rob Hattrell, vice president, eBay UK commented: “At eBay, we recognise that the challenges are vast and wide-ranging for SME’s on Britain’s high streets, but while the offline world is on lockdown, a shift to online spending presents a real growth opportunity and a vital lifeline. We hope these tips empower sellers to operate confidently – and most importantly, safely – online, throughout the crisis.

“I’d like to personally acknowledge the incredible work of the Royal Mail and Post Office as they help to keep the nation running during this challenging time. With their support, the small businesses that continue to operate on eBay are able to deliver for their customers.”

In March, Ebay announced that new businesses joining its site will not be required to pay any fees to list or sell until 31 May 2020.