Co-op Group introduces new tech for HR function

The Co-op Group has introduced new technology to modernise its human resources (HR) systems.

Enterprise ERP, human capital management (HCM), and payroll managed services provider Symatrix has been brought in to support the IT team and optimise its existing cloud-based Oracle HCM solution.

Through the partnership, Symatrix is expected to help Co-op to take advantage of the expanding capabilities and functionalities within Oracle Cloud, adopting more functionality and automation in the process.

Other expected benefits are a reduction in cost, and improvements to the overall employee experience of the systems, while Symatrix’s HCM service will act as a backup to the internal function in the event of spikes in demand.

It has taken several months to mould the service to Co-op’s specific requirements, but both companies are confident they have put a system in place that can evolve with the group’s needs in time.

Gareth Abreu, HR technology development manager at The Co-op Group, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Symatrix as we consider their model a true next generation in managed services.

“We have already started work on optimisation work with them and the partnership has got off to a great start. Moreover, our internal development and support team will gain knowledge and broader view of industry good practice through working with Symatrix experts.”

He added: “We also expect end users to benefit from having access to a more functionally-rich automated solution that helps them drive efficiencies and supports them in data-led decision-making."