Change of CEO at Tommy Hilfiger but digital focus continues

Daniel Grieder has stepped down from his role as CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global & PVH Europe, after 23 years in senior roles at the business.

Grieder has been replaced by Martijn Hagman, who was previously chief operating officer and CFO, and responsible for operations, finance, digital business transformation, technology, business development, and Tommy Hilfiger’s global sustainability drive.

Hagman has been part of the leadership team for 12 years, and plans to continue Tommy Hilfiger’s product and digital-led strategy as he takes the helm. Grieder will work alongside the new CEO over the coming months to support a smooth transition period.

Manny Chirico, chairman & CEO of PVH Corp, which owns the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands, commented: “Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe came into this year on the same successful path they have been on, with strong sales trends and improving brand awareness, and connecting with consumers.

“Daniel has been a champion of growing our innovation capabilities and expanding Tommy Hilfiger’s reach around the world, always pushing for a consumer-centric, digitally-focused and sustainable mindset, while building a very strong management team.”

Grieder added: “As we are in the midst of this seismic shift in our industry, we find ourselves in a unique position to make a change that I believe will launch us into a new era for the brand.”

Since Grieder became CEO, in 2014, the Tommy Hilfiger business has grown from $6 billion to over $9 billion in annual retail sales. The Calvin Klein European business has more than doubled in revenues and earnings, too.

Last year, in a significant indication of the future focus for Tommy Hilfiger, Grieder said the company would only be using 3D design to create, develop and sell samples. From spring 2022, all the brand’s apparel collections will be in this format going forward.

Both Grieder and Hagman have also worked closely with the brand’s founder and principal designer, Tommy Hilfiger, for many years.

The eponymous founder commented: “Daniel’s biggest gifts to our organisation have been connecting the brand more strongly with our consumers and building a culture within the organisation that is devoted to staying on the cutting edge of product, innovation and culture.

“Martijn has been on that journey, and, together, we’re going to keep writing the future of our brand – along with our partners and consumers around the world.”

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