Certona partnership boosts Mountain Warehouse revenues and online experience

Adoption of Certona’s real-time omnichannel personalisation has seen Mountain Warehouse report an incremental 10% uplift in overall online revenues.

Before the website revamp, Mountain Warehouse’s online personalisation efforts only covered the basics, so the brand felt the need to create a more personalised and engaging online experience for customers. The strategic partnership saw Certona offer support and guidance to elevate the overall personalisation strategy and leverage a ‘test and learn’ approach to implement advanced web recommendations, point-of-open individualised emails and personalised landing pages.

Mountain Warehouse can now personalise desktop recommendations based on categories including gender and age, and tailor display end user experience according to the buyer's history and whether they are a new or returning customer. Marketing emails offer granular personalisation and adaptive, relevant recommendations, delivering campaigns specific to audience, season/holiday, shopper profile and product category.

“Until recently, we were unable to leverage the full power of personalisation,” commented Ed Whatmore, head of Ecommerce at Mountain Warehouse. “The partnership with Certona has unlocked new opportunities for us that were previously out of reach. Business is thriving, and we’re able to provide an enhanced shopper experience by catering to individual customer needs and interests.”
The revamped site went live in December 2016 across six countries worldwide. Six months after initial tests, Mountain Warehouse reported a 14% increase in recommendation demand performance.

Meyar Sheik, CEO and co-founder of Certona, whose AI-based real-time personalisation solutions power individualised customer experiences for over 600 top e-commerce websites in more than 70 countries, said: “We look forward to working with the team to further develop its personalisation programme for sustained, long term growth.”