Casualwear emphasis for new TM store concept

Shirtmaker TM Lewin has opened a new concept store on London’s Oxford Street.

The store has been designed by Dalziel & Pow, with a brief to reflect TM Lewin’s long-term plan to establish itself as a growing brand in the menswear sector. The retailer is seeking to better highlight the categories in which it operates which, alongside shirts, include tailoring, casualwear and accessories.

“We recognise that the days of men having distinctly different work and downtime wardrobes are long gone, so we provide our customers with the most stylish, versatile and confidence boosting menswear for whatever the occasion,” says TM Lewin CEO Sven Gaede, who adds that the growth in casual ranges offer a major opportunity for the brand.

“The new store is one way to subtly showcase this evolutionary journey that we are on,” says Gaede. “We’ve sited casual at the very front of the store, followed by shirting behind and tailoring on the mezzanine floor, meaning that, if you stand at the door of the store you can see our full offering, which is different to most of our existing stores.”

The 279 sq m (3,000 sq ft) unit has been conceived as a lighter and airier space than previous TM Lewin stores. A dedicated accessories area raises the profile of this category, and introduces an outfitting service by cross-merchandising – for example by introducing shirts and ties into the tailoring area.

“The Oxford Street store showcases recently introduced product lines, and a new look and feel with a lighter, fresher mood that’s inspired by a more contemporary lifestyle,” says Dalziel & Pow design director Marcus King.

“The new concept is designed to be accessible for all and suit a number of different customer journeys. Dalziel & Pow has developed a relaxed and more casual approach to the formalwear space and inspiration is provided at every turn with more intuitive merchandising that highlights the diversified range and enhances the brand’s fashion credentials,” adds King.

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