Carrefour and Nestlé detail new blockchain initiative

Consumer goods company Nestlé and France-based grocer Carrefour are applying blockchain technology to infant nutrition for the first time.

The blockchain technology will be used on Nestlé’s entire Guigoz Bio 2 and 3 infant milk range, in an attempt to provide transparency about product checks and provenance – and ultimately improve consumer confidence when making a purchase.

Thanks to the partnership, shoppers buying these lines can now access comprehensive information about the supply chain used to bring the product to the store via a scan of a QR code with their smartphone. The QR codes are placed on the product packaging.

Information customers now have access to is provided by producer, Laboratoires Guigoz, and it aims to highlight the expertise and know-how the company has in ensuring the quality of its products.

Nestlé and Carrefour are members of the IBM Food Trust Platform, an ecosystem of producers, suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and others looking to create a safer and more transparent food industry using blockchain technology.

They have already worked together to apply blockchain technology to Moussline purée products in France.

In March, the supermarket chain also started selling its Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) fresh micro-filtered full-fat milk with QR codes on the packaging, which can be scanned to access an array of product provenance information.

Consumers using the new technology can see the GPS coordinates of farmers whose animals’ milk was collected, and delve into information about the cows' feeds depending on the season, as well as find data related to when the milk was collected and packaged.

This latest partnership with Nestlé was supported by IBM Food Trust's technical solution, which is based on blockchain hyperledger technology.