Boots online quiz to provide health advice and aid personalisation push

High street mainstay Boots has launched a wellness quiz on its website to help customers better understand their health needs.

It is part of the retailer’s new three-year partnership with Public Health England (PHE), which aims to encourage Britons to take action to improve their health.

The ‘Reboot Quiz’ is the first part of the collaboration, and it takes the form of an interactive questionnaire using PHE’s evidence-based approach of asking simple questions to assess people’s behaviour on a range of topics including eating and drinking habits, smoking, daily stress and exercise.

Once the quiz has been completed, customers can then choose to continue on their ‘Reboot’ journey by receiving personalised product and service recommendations.

The Health Survey for England 2018 suggests that over half of adults in the country are at increased risk of chronic disease due to their waist circumference and body mass index, while one in three adults are classified as being physically inactive. Some 28% of adults have high blood pressure, and 18% of men and 15% of women are smokers, according to the research.

Duncan Selbie, CEO at PHE said that unhealthy lifestyles continue to cost the NHS around £11 billion every year, adding that the tie-up with Boots can help address some major health issues in the UK.

Sebastian James, managing director of Boots UK and Ireland, commented: “For 170 years, Boots has tried to help people live the healthiest lives that they can and I think that this partnership with PHE is what we are all about.

“By combining our experience and the huge number of people who shop with us, with PHE's unparalleled expertise and knowledge, we think that we can help millions of people become healthier and happier.”

He added: “I hope that everybody will use the quiz on our website and follow the personalised advice that we send. For sure I will be using it to set my own new year resolutions.”

Boots is currently in the early stages of a long-term partnership with Microsoft to develop technology solutions and support new digital innovations in healthcare. One grand ambition is to alleviate pressure on the NHS by providing more walk-in healthcare services in Boots stores.

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