Boohoo co-founder hit with £118.5m claim

The man who claims to have created Boohoo’s website has filed a claim for £118.5 million against co-founder Mahmud Kamani.

Richard Womack, says he is the “third founder” of the fast-fashion empire which recent revenues increased 48% to £856.9 million, while pre-tax profit rose 38% to £59.9 million.

Womack, who is being represented by JMW Solicitors, has bought the suit against Kamani for breach of an agreement to develop the eCommerce website, which included the coding, database, integrated stock lines, “look and feel” of the website, as well as the Boohoo logo.

Womack claims to have spent two years developing the website and ensured the site was operationally ready for when it launched in 2006. After the launch, Womack claims he was promised a 10% share in the company in exchange for the source code and database, as well as his continued time working to maintain the website.

The litigation note stated Womack worked for “many years without remuneration for his work on the website – and with no capacity to earn money elsewhere – in believe that he would enjoy the fruits of his labour”. He claims he has still not been rewarded for the work undertaken on Boohoo’s website.

Womack commented: “When I look back on those years, I remember how much time and energy - how much of my life – was invested in creating the Boohoo eCommerce platform and making a success of the business during the brand’s early years. It has continued to sap my energy since – it’s very galling to have had zero recognition for the part I played and the time, the money and expertise I invested. I’ve never received a single penny for my work on the Boohoo website and it’s just not right – particularly when, the reality is, Boohoo has three founders, not two. We agreed that I would receive a ten per cent share in the company by way of remuneration for the work I did and that’s all I ask for – what was agreed.”

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