Bally announces digital showroom for its Autumn/Winter collections

Swiss luxury fashion brand Bally has announced it will be presenting its new Autumn/Winter collections in a virtual cloud-based environment, following the successful launch of the digital showroom for its Spring/Summer campaign.

The initiative is part of the fashion group’s expansion of its digital capabilities in the wake of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

In partnership with tech firm Hyphen-Group, which developed the showroom, Bally was able to attract more than 5,000 visitors from 50 countries around the world to see its Spring/Summer collections in July. Attendees were able to observe 4,000 items, which encompassed over 12,000 digital assets, including 360 degree images, still life photos and videos. In addition, the digital showroom enabled buyers to browse and check products’ technical data sheers and interactive images in order to manage both the selection and pre-order phases efficiently.

The new announcement follows the recent opening of a new research and development hub in Switzerland, named ‘LifestyleTech Competence Center’, of which Bally is one of the nine founding members. This aims to promote co-operation between retail, lifestyle and technology businesses and academic institutions in order to develop innovative solutions to transform the fashion and luxury lifestyle sectors.

A number of fashion brands have recently introduced new digital features to continue showcasing their products in spite of the disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis. Last month for instance, Burberry revealed it will be livestreaming its Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show via live video service company Twitch.

Nicolas Girotto, CEO at Bally, commented: “Since its establishment, Bally has always been focused on technological innovation and attention to sustainable practices. I am pleased to announce that the partnership with Hyphen has been a very successful one and that we will build on this important collaboration for the brand’s digitization process. Together with Hyphen, Bally, through the founding of the LifestyleTech Competence Center, is honoured to support and invest in the development of new sustainable technologies and innovations for future generations.”