Asos asks third-party brands to sign new supply chain commitments

Asos has set out four transparency and responsibility commitments it wants its third-party brands that manufacture in the UK to adhere to.

The online fashion group has asked companies that sell on its eCommerce platform to commit to the steps by the end of the year to help improve visibility and ethical practices across the fashion industry’s supply chain.

This topic has been brought into sharper focus following the recent allegations of malpractice in UK warehouses that manufacture Boohoo garments.

Asos has asked its third party brands to:

  1. To sign the transparency pledge to regularly and publicly disclose a list of manufacturing sites in their supply chains
  2. Map and show visibility on all parts of their UK garment manufacturing supply chains, providing evidence of this to Asos
  3. To identify risks within supply base and implement strategies to mitigate these risks, if necessary asking for support from Asos to tackle these issues
  4. To join the Fast Forward auditing programme and committing to tackling any issues through this process

While initially focusing on brands whose products are manufactured in the UK, Asos has plans to roll out similar commitments internationally as part of its third-party brand engagement programme.

This is especially important with 60% of the products on the Asos platform last year sold by third-party brands.

Nick Beighton, Asos CEO, commented: “When we launched our third-party brand engagement programme at the start of 2018, we set out Five Minimum Requirements that we wanted the brands we sold on site to sign up to by 2020. We’ve been working hard to support our brand partners to achieve this aim, and with the target now in sight, we want to be even more ambitious – and ask those brands that manufacture in the UK to bring their supply chains in line with our own, if they are not already.

“We believe the four commitments we have set out this week are critical enablers to improving sourcing standards across the UK. We hope that our brand partners will join us in striving to reach this goal, with the continued support of Asos, Fast Forward, and other leading lights in UK manufacturing.”