Asos launches AR virtual catwalk

Asos has incorporated augmented reality (AR) into its iOS app by launching a virtual catwalk experience for 100 of its new Asos Design products.

Customers can now point their device at a flat surface, click the ‘AR’ button on the product page and models will appear “in front of them” wearing the product.

The technology has been developed in partnership with HoloMe. CEO Janosch Amstutz, said: “By allowing the consumer to bring mobile shopping into their own physical space, we can create a more intimate buying experience. We are excited to see how our technology can be used as a new way to communicate to the customer.”

This is one of a number of new technology Asos has recently deployed, including voice ordering with Google Assistant and an AI feature which helps customers choose the right size garment. Asos is also trialling an AR tool to help customers view products on different sized models.

The retailer announced back in April that it would be tightening up its returns policy, warning “serial returners” that they may have their accounts deactivated in the event of suspicious activity. Asos and the wider fashion industry is struggling with unsustainable returns since the explosion of online shopping. The retailer hopes technologies like AR and AI may help customers find the right product first time, avoiding the need to return items.