AR dinosaur engagement campaign in Liverpool drives footfall jump

An augmented reality (AR) dinosaur promotion at Liverpool ONE saw a rise in footfall – while shopping centre footfall across most of the UK dropped.

Statistics released by centre owner Grosvenor Europe show that the ten week campaign, launched on 29 March, saw a 3.3 per cent rise in footfall. The UK average over the same period saw a 4.6 per cent drop in footfall.

Sales at Liverpool ONE were up by 4 per cent, compared to a national average increase of 0.7 per cent.

The promotion saw a Dinosaurs Unleashed app, created by Red Frog Digital, downloaded more than 20,000 times during the ten week campaign. It allowed visitors to discover and interact with dinosaurs, with dinosaur eggs and roaming Raptors coming to life through the app. It encouraged repeat visits by requiring user proximity to ‘nurture’ dinosaurs.

An array of physical model dinosaurs was installed at Chavasse Park – renamed Chavassic Park during the campaign.

The campaign saw dwell time increase and generated substantial user-generated social media content, as well as a 95 per cent jump in sign-ups for Liverpool ONE’s newsletter.

“Dinosaurs Unleashed has been our most innovative and ambitious enlivenment intiative to date, and its success highlights how digital can be harnessed to enhance and transform the bricks and mortar experience,” says Liverpool ONE marketing and communications director Donna Howitt.

“It is the first time this type of gamification has been used in the UK, and the digital integration brought an exciting new dimension to Liverpool ONE for our visitors to explore. We are thrilled to be at the forefront of such technology, and to see such a positive response from the public,” adds Howitt.

“Monitoring real-time performance and end-user engagement were aspects we used to measure how successful the activation was, and we have also been able to identify that users travelled an average of 14 miles to engage with this virtual world,” says Red Frog Digital commercial director James Loveridge.

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