partners to improve delivery service for remote customers has partnered with location company what3words to ensure the speedy delivery of its products to customers, even those living in remote areas. The agreement will enable customers purchasing products from the online electricals retailer to provide a What3words address for their chosen delivery place, guaranteeing delivery to an exact location.

It is often difficult for drivers to find the correct property when delivering products, with traditional street addresses only able to direct drivers to the front door of 30% of houses in the UK. This means that for the majority of properties, drivers are taken to an inexact point outside a building or on a road, leading to delays in products reaching customers. This is a particular problem in rural locations.

What3words has a solution to this issue; the company has divided the world into a grid of 3m squares, giving each square a unique combination of three words. Using this What3words address, a precise location can be pinpointed by a delivery driver. AO ran a pilot of the technology over six weeks earlier this year in Leeds and Avonmouth, asking customers to provide their What3words address. This was found to lead to greater efficiency in deliveries, with customers receiving orders quicker and removing the need to provide additional directions to drivers.

Following the successful pilot, the service will shortly be made available to AO customers throughout the UK.

Dave Ashwell, MD of AO Logistics, commented: “It can be difficult for our drivers to find certain addresses, due to duplicated road names, the UK’s many unnumbered houses and single postcodes covering extensive rural areas. Our new partnership with What3words means we can always deliver to exactly the right location and guarantee our customers the excellent AO experience, regardless of where they live.”

AO recently announced it has added two business development managers to its B2B arm following a successful six months in the housebuilding sector.