Amazon to help small businesses move online

Amazon has teamed up with Enterprise Nation to launch the Small Business Accelerator to help up to 200,000 start-ups and small businesses trade more effectively after the effects of Covid-19.

The initiative includes a free online training programme providing help to businesses at all stages of their development as well as offering a range of discounts on supplies and dedicated AWS (Amazon Web Services) training.

The Accelerator also includes week-long bootcamps for up to 1,000 offline businesses to help them make the move to trading online. The camps will involve live online courses with access to experts and are aimed at fashion, beauty & wellbeing, food & drink, services, and home & leisure companies.

In addition, Amazon is to host its first virtual Amazon Academy on June 26. The free two-hour event aims to introduce businesses to the world of selling online and is described as ideal for companies to learn more before deciding to embark on the Accelerator programme.

Doug Gurr, UK country manager of Amazon, said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy and by helping them we can help families, communities and the UK bounce back more quickly. We have a long track record of supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, with more than half of all products sold on Amazon stores coming from our selling partners. Many businesses have found their way through the crisis by providing goods and services online. Now the Amazon Small Business Accelerator with Enterprise Nation will provide thousands of offline and online businesses with the skills, tools and support they need to succeed in the digital world, to reach customers through Amazon or any other service.”

Last week, the Natural History Museum announced it had poached Gurr from Amazon to head up the role of director.

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