Amazon ditches the Dash Button

Amazon has called it a day on the branded buttons used by consumers to replenish everyday items. CNET reported that the Dash Buttons can no longer be purchased from the eCommerce titan.  

The physical buttons were launched back in 2015 and allowed customers to replenish household items from brands, such as Ariel, Andrex, Gillette and Nescafe, with the single click of a button.

Customers connected the devices to Wi-Fi and pressed one of the branded buttons when they were running low on household products. They then received an alert to their Amazon account of the order – allowing them to review the order and cancel if they change their mind.

The adhesive Dash Buttons were available to Prime members at the cost of £4.99 and customers then received £4.99 off their first order to offset the cost of the device.

But Amazon has decided stop selling the buttons, as consumers are moving more towards replenishment shopping via white goods or voice technologies. Amazon has said it will continue to support existing buttons.

While the physical buttons are no more, what really made this technology exciting was the underlying APIs which Amazon has rolled out to physical goods such as washing machines to enable them to re-order washing power on behalf of the customer – no press of a button needed. The Dash Buttons themselves were purely a way to communicate to customers the benefits of a smart connected home, while Amazon tried to get more companies to use its cloud-based Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS).

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