New All Saints app adds 'one-step' Amazon Pay functionality

UK fashion retailer All Saints continues to upgrade its new mobile app, adding Amazon Pay functionality in time for the company’s early summer sale period.

The business is one of the first UK retailers to implement Amazon Pay in a native mobile application, with the new payment method allowing shoppers to save their details in the app for what is marketed as quick “one-step checkout”.

All Saints has been working with Amazon for several years, offering Amazon Pay on its desktop website and reportedly boosting conversion and reducing the time it takes to check out online.

Jonathan Harris-French, digital project manager at All Saints, told Essential Retail that the longstanding partnership between All Saints and Amazon is bringing additional benefits to the fashion retailer's customers. All Saints shoppers who are also Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on any basket size when using the new payment functionality at the checkout.

“We want to give customers the ability to have an easy browsing experience and check out without friction,” Harris-French explained.

“Amazon Pay was ideal because of the partnership we already had with Amazon, and the free shipping is another positive for our customers.”

He added: “We have a focus on getting the app to match the website. We have PayPal on the website and that will naturally be the next one we attack, and I’d like to think we’d get to Apple Pay because we want to offer as many options as possible.”

All Saints discontinued its old mobile app several years ago, having launched it as part of a first wave of fashion retailers that did likewise. Its small internal mobile team brought the latest version of the app to market – which is only available on iOS – in December 2018.

Harris-French said All Saints has not been advertising the app heavily since its launch six months ago, instead it is taking an “organic approach” to growth in the early days of operation. He added that usage and conversions are “definitely surpassing expectations”.

Read more about the All Saints mobile and digital strategy in a full interview with Harris French in Essential Retail next week.