Design showcase: Nerho Tattoo parlour in Palermo

Nerho Tattoo parlour in Palermo, Italy, fits a lot into 65 sq m (700 sq ft), while maintaining a strong graphic identity.

The client appointed Studio DiDeA to develop the space ground floor space, in which it required a workspace and a small gallery for displaying and selling gadgets and small artworks.

The existing layout – with two connected spaces, one of them slightly elevated – was retained, with the waiting room and graphic workshop on one side and the tattoo workshop on the other.

Just two colours – black and white – are used inside the store. The workspaces are white to maximise light levels, while the waiting area is finished in black.

The materials palette is similarly brief, using iron grid-shape shelving, wired glass and resin flooring, plus painted walls.

The iron grid shelving covers the right wall of the waiting room, flowing into the workspace area to visually connect the spaces.

The counter is finished in wired glass, with matching glass used as a dividing screen to the graphic workshop.

Ironworks: SG Metallica di Sciortino giuseppe

Lighting: Eletronic world s.r.l.s.

Suppliers: Eletronic world s.r.l.s.

Pictures: Studio DiDeA Architetti Associati

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