NRF 2018: Customer experience drives online and offline for Lego

Customer experience is fundamental to the Lego brand and ethos, explained Martin Urrutia Islas, head of retail innovation and retail experiences at the Lego Group.

When designing the customer experience, the Lego Group must have two consumers in mind: the child, who is ultimately the target user and consumer of the product; and the guardian who will likely be the consumer making the purchase.

“These two consumers have very different needs and we have to cater for both,” explained Islas, speaking at NRF 2018 in NYC this week. “The younger consumer doesn’t care about the price, just about whether it’s fun and cool. The guardian cares about price, and quality.”

There is no longer a linear path to purchase, said Islas, noting that today’s shopper encounters multiple platforms through multiple contact points on their path to purchase. Many of these platforms are of course digital. “It’s important that we are consistent with our branding and messaging online, so that it reflects our in-store experience.”

Lego stores should “inspire and develop builders of tomorrow. Every store we open should be our brand theatre. Shopping for Lego should be as fun as building with it,” he said.

Last year, the London Lego store launched its Mosaic Maker, a digital photo booth experience which creates a personalised Lego mosaic portrait. “We have to deliver our brand values by bringing the brand to life,” he said. “Children are increasingly looking for a digital experience to engage with our brand.”

The ultimate customer experience, he concluded, is “creating an emotional experience that meets fundamental needs too.”