Google highlights #comeshopwithme YouTube phenomenon

​Google has pointed to a new YouTube phenomenon, called #comeshopwithme, where shoppers video their trip to a store.

Speaking at Shoptalk Europe, Ronan Harris, MD Google UK, played a video of a YouTuber called Mrs Meldrum and her experience of visiting a Primark store. The video had accrued nearly 18,000 views three days after publishing.

“It’s just normal people, sometimes influencers and creators, taking a trip to their normal store,” said Harris. “These types of videos are exploding all across the platform, normal people and their normal shopping experiences.”

Harris said he is seeing a number of retailers working with creators and influencers on YouTube to understand their shopping behaviour.

The video featuring Mrs Meldrum is 6 minutes 44 seconds long and sees her picking up all the clothes that catch her eye on a trip to Primark, creating a positive outlook of the retailer’s range. But equally the candid videos could highlight negative experiences of the in-store shopper journey.

While many may think this YouTube behaviour is slightly bizarre, it follows hot on the heels of the unboxing craze which has become popular over the last couple years, where customers film themselves unpacking technology products like smartphones and games consoles for the first time.

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