One Stop appoints Mark Denton as head of IT

One Stop Stores has appointed Mark Denton to the head of IT and retail technology.

According to a post on Denton's LinkedIn account, he joins One Stop following 15 years working with retail technology consultancies and most recently as head of retail propositions at Aptos Retail.

Denton spent 10 years working on product delivery for retail at BT Expedite, which was bought by Aptos Retail in 2016.

Speaking to Essential Retail last year when he was head of retail products and propositions at BT Expedite, Denton predicted the recent trend of retailer tie-ups, which has seen the likes of Morrisons partner with McColl’s and Tesco’s ongoing negotiations to buy Booker.

Following the supply chain tie-up between Amazon and Morrisons last year, Denton said that other retailers may "jump on that bandwagon" by identifying the benefits of using an existing third-party technology infrastructure to support new distribution channels.

He said: "A lot of retailers are going to go into partnership with each other, whether that is at the simple level of allowing online orders to be picked up at other retailers' shops or true concessions where retailers or brands co-habit in stores where it doesn't make any sense for two rents to be paid."

One Stop spoke at RBTE 2017 to highlight how it was using optimisation technology to put the right products in the right place in its 850 convenience stores across the UK. 

Essential Retail reached out to both Denton and One Stop for comment, but has yet to receive a response.